Curriculum Vitae
For Jens Michael Schau

Bachelor in History, University of Copenhagen 1974.
Ph.D. in Psychology University of Copenhagen 1978.

Clinical psychlogist, Montebello, Helsingør, 1978-79.
Clinical psychologist, Youth Clinic of Copenhagen 1979- 1988.
Private practice, 1986-88.
Scriptwriter for T.V. Drama, Denmarks Radio, 1986-88.
Writer for www. wcities. com. Copenhagen 1999-2000.

Marital status:
Divorced. Three children. Two daughters and one son.

Family, (I Familiens Skød) novel, Gyldendal 1982.

“Family” tells a meaningfull story sympathetic and good…The novel gets warmth and glow,
when Morten tries to share his love for his childhood`s island.”
A review by Anders Bodelsen, Politiken.

More direct moving and true than what psychology is able to tell about the connection the
development of a human being – it`s sexlife – and its childhood and adolescence in that
specific family.
A review by Jens Kistrup, Berlingske Tidende.

“is superior to everything what the author has ever written since and apart from that also the
main part of the last decade`s novels… All of the processes Freud stored in the
subconsciousness` darkest regions, here takes place on the sunlit daily consciousness` most
manifest surface.”
Poul Behrent in his book Det ideele Hjem.

The City and the Island, (Byen og øen) short-stories, Gyldendal 1983.

“Few autors starts with such convincing grib on both children and old people… tells organicly
and poetically about rebellious and dead soules. The autor is a wise man with life`s stories as
gaudy colours in his poet`s pencil.”
Review by Hans Andersen, Jyllands Posten.

Bravo – the ten short-stories are all of them much better than good – virtuoso. Perfect and
precise in their psychological realism with a highly developed feeling for in what a degree
people need each other.
A review by Jens Kistrup, Berlingske Tidende.

Heaven begins at Earth (Himlen begynder ved Jorden). novel, Gyldendal, 1984.
One rushes through this book like a thriller. A tremendous exciting book…. Jens Michael
Schau has a disturbing knowledge about his fellow man………. Heaven begins at Earth is a
dazzling novel.
A review by Holger Ruppert, B.T.

Schau is a eminent storyteller, ascetic in judgements but with abundance in feeling and
insight. His characters learn – if indeed they are able to – to free themselves from the past by
taking it in possession and they step into character by marking a distance.
Review by Hans Andersen, Jyllands Posten.

Father, Mother and Children (Far, mor og børn), short-stories, Gyldendal 1988.

“You have to go all back to the young Rifbjerg and Willy Sørensen to find one (book) like it.
Schau has put all his marbles in these stories. Uncrompromising are they – as it is one place in
the book said about a man`s vital parts: extraordinary well-hung.”
Review by Jens Andersen, Politiken.

.. a trementous gifted, almost calculating storyteller of realistic destiny stories with a little
twist of a sinister atmosphere. .. but it is also captivating, funny and shocking.
Review by Poul Borum, Ekstrabladet

It is a very strong book that takes you by surprise in its directness. In spite of its sophisticated
style it seems simple. Jens Michael Schau show himself here as a mature and genuine poet.
Here are not one superfluous word. His lightness, tightness and lucidity makes the reading of
these often alarming short-stories to a great experience.
Review by Holger Ruppert, B.T.

An Islander in Copenhagen, ”En bornholmer I København”) essays, Gornitzkas Forlag, 1991

….one can admire., how he – the writer – with tiny small turns is able to make his essays into
more than private recollections and popular psychology”.
A review by Poul Borum, Ekstrabladet.

A small Prince (En lille Prins), novel, Tiderne Skifter 1994.
“… a moral fable about a modern Oedipus, who gets irrevocable lost in his own lust.”
A review by Henrik Wivel, Berlingske Tidende.

“Jens Michael Schau descibes a living Peter Pan, who maybe became grown-up, when he had
played sufficiently with life and ended up being a murderer.”
Review by Hans Andersen, Jyllands Posten.

In no-man`s Land, short-story, B.B.C. World Service 1997.

Katarsis, a novel, Cicero. 2000.

“A shocking and a fascinating book. “Katarsis” is not a book you put away at once…. It hurts.
A review Holger Huppert, B.T.

“this autobiographic novel is the autors testament (over his life`s) tragedy…. in any case it is
the autobiographic angle that will make it interesting for a larger audience.”
A review by Claus Bundgaard. The statement from the consultant for the libraries.

Dreams of Greatness, (Drømme om Storhed), a novel, Cicero 2002.

A fascinating story from Hitler`s Germany with a lot of atmosphere. interesting bid of what
hides behind the authentic persons from the history books. Excellent entertainment.
A review by Lars Ole Sauerberg, Jyllands Posten.

Speeches are bawled in your ears or icy low-voiced out. Schlagers are being hummed
seductively, while marches and sport processions and glib young men sweep through the
pages ….. fashionable and glittering – an entertaining novel with a message: to let a young
girl associate with a country and feel on her own body that she does not share the race
hygiene implications, that she is going to outlive as a sports animal and a breeding animal.
Review by May Schack, Politiken.

Photographs, a short-story, P2 Denmarks Radio 2002.

Ordinary people. (Almindelige mennesker) A novel. Trikolore. 2006.

“the novel is about the residents in a building of flats in Copenhagen, it is built in scenes and
film clips, where the situation is presented. Here is a lot of dramatic raw material. It all fits
nice together and Schau writes good dialogs – The ending, where the whole flock is on an
excursion in “Deergarden” (“Dyrehaven”) is both funny an touching.”
Opinion from the head of accenssions.

“Exciting characters, divided on the books chapters with a main character in each – a good
possibility to enjoy a story about maladjusted and right-angled characters.”
Birte Gram-Jensen, Fyns Stiftstidende.

ESSAYS, essays. Lindhardt & Ringhof. 2017

Rich people. A novel. Dreamlitt. 2018

E- Books and Reissued Books. (Print on Demand):
In 2016 and 2017 the novels “Family”, “Heaven begins at the Earth”, “A small Prince”,
“Katarsis”, ”Dreams of Greatness” and “Ordinary People” have been made available
as E-books and Print on Demand by the publisher Lindhardt & Ringhof

The same is the case with the collection of short-stories “The City and the Island” and
“Father, mother and Child”
And the collection of my essays with the titel: “ESSAYS”.

Contributions to newspapers, magazines and journals:
Articles, essays and features.

Familien danser. From Family Dancing, short-stories by David Leavitt. Apostof 1986.

Admirable comtemporary – atmospheric translation.
Review by Niels Barfod, Politiken.

The book (Family Dancing”) is outstanding and with sympathetic understanding translated by
Jens Michael Schau, at some points downright improving the text.
A review by Ib Lucas i tidsskriftet “Fredag”.

Bigcity Dreams (“Storbydrømme”) Bellevue Teateret, 1986. Directed by Jan Maagaard.

“The show is a bombardement that makes you feel that what the dramatist has wanted was to
undo a blase´ audience.”
A review by Anna Lise Malmros, Information.

Joe, prizewinner at The Royal Danish Theatre`s playwrite`s competition 1985. Translated into
German by Skandinavia Verlag.
a play about the English playwrite Joe Orton.
His workingclass background. And his miracculous rise to fame in the London West end theatre world.
And his life with his long time lover and the events that led up to his tragic, violent death.

The ship must sail tonight (Skibet skal sejle i nat), The Royal Danish Theatre, 1988.
Also performed in a reading by The Danish dramatists Organisation 1998.
Directed by Lars Engel.
“The ship shall sail tonight”
a crusome, funny play about a normal famiy, whose only passion is ballroom dancing.
The father is braindamaged. The mother is planning life with the love of her youth. The two sons are respectively in the bank and the drug business.
The familiy is on the run from eachother.
At a farewell lunch there is a showdown, where old rituals and hidden skeletons in the cupboard get new meanings.

Shangri-La, New York Art Theatre, New York. 2001-2002.
“Shangri-La”/ “The air in the summer”
A play with roots back to Anton Tjekov, Noel Coward and Joe Orton depicts a family, who clings to the love that was once between them.
Veronica (50) takes as always her holidays at “Shangri-La”.
This summer with her new husband, her teenage twins, her ex-husband and his new lover.
During the summer Veronica spins her surroundings into the idyl that prevails over the scenic and beautiful island.
Her innocent, charming, but mortal play the people ends tragiccally.

“Gloris Taurus”/ “Come-Back”.
Gloria Taurus, the famous actress, was once accused of the murder of her much loved husband.
Since then Gloria Taurus has for decades lived secluded in her New York pent-house.
One day she is approached by a young journalist, who wants to make en interview.
As they spend time together events starts to develope, which get new significance for both of them.

Sønner, eng. Sons. radioplay, Denmarks Radio, 1984. Director: Emmet Feigenberg.
Translated into German by Skandinavia Verlag.

“Jens Michael Schau has for the future playwright excellent quality: he wants to listen to his
characters. He has a sense for their language.”
A review by Henrik Lundgren, Politiken

Film and Televison drama:
Boxing,(“Boksning”) t.v. film, Denmarks Radio, 1988. Director Ib Thorup.
Broadcasted in Swedish and Norwegian T.V. Drama 1989.

“One of the qualities of the t.v. film Boxing is the way the outer world becomes alive – the
weather, the heat, the environment. An atmosphere of lechery, frustation and sex.”
A review by Jens Kistrup, Berlingske Tidende.

Maybe next summer (Point of no return), (“Næste sommer, måske”) about Aids Denmarks Radio, 1988. Directed by Piv Bernth.
Broadcasted in Swedish T.V. Drama. 1989.

Goodbye Nick, a script to a motion picture,
sponsored by filmconsultant Morten Grunwald, The Danish Film Institute in 2003.

“What he did”.(“Det han gjorde”)
A documentary film, Directed by Jonas Poher Rasmussen.
Produced by ”House of Real”, producer: Jesper Jack.
With support from The Danish Film Institute, .Documentary film consultant: Helle Hansen
and DR. (Denmarks Radio)

“It was a motherbound, jealous, heartbroken, succesfull writer and psychically unstable man
in love (not a monster)….Not only tells how Jens Michael Schau lives with his crime, but also
how the surrounding world lives with it. How the artistic world lives with a killer, who also is
an artist, who uses the kill in his art, autobiographies, writer, drama and novels.
A moving portrait of a man who lives with others and his own disgust”.
A review by Anita Brask Rasmussen. Information.

Vinner of Fipreci Award for best documentary film at Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2016.
Vinder of Best documentary film. Oslo Queer Festival 2016.
”What he did” has among others participated in the following Dokumentary Filmfestivals:
Copenhagen Dox. 2015.
Toronto Hot Dox Documentary Festival 2016.
Budapest Dokumentay Festival 2016.
Lissabon Documentary Festival 2016.
Leipzig Filmfestival of Dokumentary Film and Animation.
Lubeck. “Nordiche Filmtage. 2016.

Jazz & Co. 17. april 2016.
Vært: Niels Christian Cederberg. P 8 Jazz. Dr. (Denmarks Radio.)

You Tube:
For video and relevant clips of films search You Tube and/ or the Internet in my name.

Fund for the endowment of the arts, (Statens Kunstfond) 1983, 1984, 1985 and 1986.
Travelling scholarship, San Cataldo, Italien, 1984.
Travelling scholarship, Jeckels Hotel, Gammel Skagen, 1997.
Travelling scholarship, Danske Dramatiker Forbund, London 1997.
Travelling Scholarship, London Teaterrådet 1999
Travelling scolarship, B&G Bank, Rue Roi de Sicile Paris, 2000.
Travelling scolarship, The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rue de la Perle, Paris, 2002.
Traveling scholarship, Frederiksberg Sparekasses Fond, Rue Roi de Sicile. Paris 2004.
Traveling scholarship. The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rue de la Perle 2005.

International Autor`s and Writer`s Who`s who, 1996,
International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England.
En lille Prins, A portrait of the writer, T.V.2 Bornholm, 1996.
2000 Outstanding Writers of the 20th Century, 2000, International Biographical Center,
Women and men from Bornholm. (Klippeøens kvinder og mænd.)
Bornholms Tidende 2000 and 2005.


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