Jens Michael Schau
Forfatter/ writer/ écrivain

"Jens Michael Schau is a Danish psychologist and writer, who since he was 19 years old has lived in Copenhagen (Frederiksberg). He was born and raised on Bornholm. As a young man he studied psychology and history at the University of Copenhagen. From where he also graduated and passed his final university eksamen. After that he worked as a clinical psychologist.

Over the years he has written numerous novels, short-stories and essays. He has written plays for The Royal Danish Theatre and scripts for film og television. And he is the pivotal character in Jonas Poher Rasmussens award winning documentary film "What he did" from 2015."


"All men are equal."
a novel.

A novel that deals with concepts like ethnic affiliation og migration and the influence they can have on modern human relations.

The year is 1992.
Two women and one man, normally unlikely to socialize, meet. Their meeting takes place in a hotel that is situated on the fringe of the Sahara that belongs to Algeria. At the same time the local airport is occupied and a chain of events unfold.

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